What IS a PixiPet?

A PixiPet, or Pixi, is a cuddly little digital creature that can manifest in the real world! They live in their home devices when they need to take a break, but they are an intelligent companion who would love to share a space with you.

PixiPets are a closed adoptable species, founded in 2019 by Retro. They are essentially an online collectible-meets-toys-meets-character!

How can I get a PixiPet?

PixiPets stock on occassion in the store fronts linked on our side bar. This is the only way to get one normally! Pixis may also crave adventure with a new owner, and you can obtain them in a trade, or pay for one from a previous owner. Sometimes raffles will occur, and Pixis may be obtained by new owners as well without purchasing or trading!

Can I make my own PixiPet?

Please do not! Pixis are a closed species with specific features. Custom PixiPets are sometimes awarded, but rarely. They are not a MYO species!

Do PixiPets come with a name?

Nope! They come without a name, which allows you to create one and bond with them! Many Pixis enjoy names that have to do with their coloration, or will pick up technological terms as they find them fascinating!

Are PixiPets breedable?

Pixis are biologically neuter, but happy with whatever pronoun you find them gravitating toward! But they cannot breed. They are not interested in NSFW activities! However, Pixis form close bonds with other Pixis and creatures and love to be held and go on adventures. They are not typically romantic, but may develop a "squish" on another. A squish is like a crush, but in a friendhsip way!

Can I change the color or features of my PixiPet?

Pixis spend a long time finding their features, so changing them might be rude! They love accessories, though. There are also rumors of items like tokens and tickets that Pixis with adventurous hearts seek out to change their traits! It is said that kindhearted PixiParents who spend a lot of time with their Pixis may stumble across these items, or earn one in a special contest held by TAMA. Not to mention, you might end up making your Pixi look just like another one, which could spoil how special they are to the other owner. If you and your Pixi aren't bonded, it's always encouraged to trade or sell with another PixiParent!

Is it okay to dress up my PixiPet and draw them in accessories?

Absolutely! Pixis adore all sorts of clothing and trinkets, and have been known to copy their owner's fashion as well. Though they cannot change the basic shape or texture of their hair, they love accessories, sunglasses, goggles, whatever you can think of. The only thing that most Pixis aren't as fond of are hoods or hats - unless they have an opening for their antennae and bobble of course!

How are PixiPets made?

No one is really sure! Their device is made from secret materials discovered by TAMA, but the Pixis themselves, well...rumor has it that they come from a combination of sweet memories and old website data, but no one can really be sure!

Wait, who is TAMA?

TAMA is the company that produces PixiPets! Not much is known about them, but the Pixis are sold by one of their contacts named Retro.

Should I draw my Pixi as anthro or feral?

Pixis can be drawn however you feel comfortable portraying them. But please share your art; we would love to see it!

Can I draw my Pixi in NSFW situations?

Please do not. Pixis do not desire anything NSFW and it is against community guidelines.

Where did PixiPets come from?