☆The Rules☆

☆ PixiPets are a closed species! They can be bought from the creator, traded for, or won in special events. Please do not create your own!

☆ Buying art from other artists of your PixiPets, or drawing art of your adopted PixiPets is fine. You may offer commissions/YCH sales that involve PixiPets! Please do not purchase or offer NSFW commissions of Pixis, they are not suitable for that sort of activity!

☆ Making physical items based on your PixiPet is fine, so long as it is on a one-off basis. Please do not offer pins, stickers, keychains, charms, etc. based on the Pixis! Please do not create plush, sculptures, kigurumi, etc. for other owners; it is perfectly fine, however, to make these as gifts or for personal use!

☆ No scalping! PixiPets are to be sold at their original value or lower, unless art is added (please see the sidebar for the Value Guide). If you won a PixiPet, traded with Retro or a TAMA affiliate for one, or were given one as a gift, they cannot be resold at a profit; you may still gift them to another person, or trade them for another Pixi or character, or for art.

☆ If you are found to be in the violation of the basic rules and ToS, you will be barred from the community and from further sales and contests.