Caring for Your PixiPet!

Caring for a PixiPet is a unique experience, from when you first adopt them until they become a part of your everyday life! We have provided some of the basics below, but remember, enrichment is a vital part of a Pixis life! They need to be allowed to roam online and explore - with your help, of course!


Although Pixis spend a lot of time online and in their devices, they still need to eat! Just like any other pet, providing a wide variety of food for your Pixi will help them lead a happy and healthy life. But what do Pixis eat? Their nourishment comes in two forms. Physical foods preferred by Pixis are breakfast cereals, fruits, vegetables, breads, and in small portions, meat. Candy, soda, cookies and other sugary treats should be given in moderation, or they might get an upset stomach! Pixis need a small amount of protein for optimal function, and owners who do not use animal products may use hearty plant proteins instead. Pixis also need data; it's vital to them! Similar to how a plant can absorb sunlight, a Pixi absorbs data from WiFi connections. Think of this data as vitamins; you don't eat them always, but you need to absorb them! If you will be away from WiFi for an extended period, your Pixi may require a satellite signal, or your phone to meet this unique need! In an emergency, a Pixi can go into their home device and conserve energy; however, this should never be used as a substitute for typical care.


With their fluffy coats, tufts of colorful hair, cute waving ears and long, fluffy tails, Pixis do require a bit of grooming to keep them looking and feeling great! Many PixiParents find that giving their Pixi a simple bath in the sink every few days is fine. Be sure to use products that are approved for pet use, or that are safe for babies and toddlers. Be warned - Pixis see bathtime as playtime, and love to splash and play with small toys! We advise wearing clothing that you do not mind getting a little damp. After gently drying your Pixi, giving them a thorough brushing with an anti-static comb is best. If static is allowed to build up in their fur, they run the risk of shocking nearby electronics! Pixis love to be groomed and pampered, and will beg for accessories and good-smelling scents. Go for it! Just be careful to not tug their fur or hair.


Ever curious, a PixiPet needs lots of interaction and enrichment to keep their minds sharp. This doesn't mean that you need to dote on them every second: far from it! Pixis can be allowed to roam indoors, and allowing them in most of your house is a treat. They love exploring little nooks and crannies, squeezing into small spaces, and dozing on top of TVs. Giving them books to read on their home device or in person is a great way to build their language skills. They also love to play! Cat toys, dog toys, even toys meant for children are something they will cherish. A Pixi will usually choose a favorite toy, too, and become attached to the item. Please do not allow this item to become damagaed or lost, because it means so much to them! Letting your Pixi roam on safe websites is a needed part of their life, too. They will learn, play with other Pixis, and even help you navigate online. Plus they love to show off new outfits to their friends! But beware of viruses lurking on untrusted sites.

Medical Care

While Pixis aren't subject to most ailments, they can still get sick from online viruses! Your Pixi may appear to have a cold at first: sniffling, making buzzing noises, not willing to play, low appetite, and minor pixel glitches. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible! PixiVax is available to all PixiParents, and should be administered when you first notice symptoms. While not fatal, these illnesses make Pixis very uncomfortable, and the longer they are allowed to go, the higher the risk is for data corruption. At worst, your Pixi might never act the same again!