Value Guide

Maybe it's something in the color of their accents. Or it could be that your Pixi's personality is just a little bit off in terms of the companion you were after. Sometimes when the fit isn't quite right, you and your Pixi will decide to part ways. But don't be sad! Pixis are excited to adventure all over the world, and a new owner is a chance for them to keep learning and moving forward. But how do you determine what to ask for in terms of money or art when it's time for your little friend to move away? Find out below!

☆ PixiPets may not be sold for more than their purchased value! This measure is in place to prevent scalping in the community, and the devaluing of common trait Pixis. The rarity of a Pixi does not determine its value; for example, if you bought an Ice Dreamer PixiPet at $15 USD and they had both an Uncommon and Rare trait, this does not mean they are worth more! They still can only be sold for their "box price", or a little below. After all, the primary owner is the only person who gets to see their Pixi when they first pop out of their device! We recommend selling an "unboxed" PixiPet at $10-$13. However, there are exceptions!

☆ Custom PixiPets are typically bought at $25, and were programmed to be exactly what their initial PixiParent was wanting. Because they are a custom job, their resale value is usually around $20. Please note, this is only for money-purchased PixiPets; custom Pixis that were won in giveaways cannot be resold! They can only be traded or gifted.

☆ PixiPets that are being resold with additional artwork are a little different. Please assess your purchased art fairly; if you paid $10 for a piece, then it would add a value of $8 to your Pixi, or 20% off the original price. Artwork that you have created yourself should be 20% off from your commission rates, and so on! Freebie art does not add value to a Pixi, because you never paid for it to begin with. All of these factors should come into play if you decide to part with a Pixi.